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Our Menu of Services

Pre-Made Book Covers

Search dozens of affordable and unique pre-made book covers for those on a limited budget or tight timeline. 

Custom Book Covers

Using your vision, inspired from your characters and book, work with a designer to create a unique design for your book cover.

Website Design

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking for a re-design, learn how to take your author website to the next level with a customized and integrated website platform: the number one selling tool for authors. 

Teasers and Graphics

Take your marketing to the next level with professional teasers and social media graphics to advertise your books and series. 

Book Formatting

Take the hassle out of book formatting. Get beautifully produced and formatted ebooks and prints that can be easily customized. 

Videos and Book Trailers

Get behind the fastest marketing trend loved by social media sites and create a high quality video that can be shared by all your excited fans.