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From as far back as I can remember, I have read.  I do not remember ever not having books around me.  Book stores, libraries, and racks of used books all have a special place in my heart.  One of my favorite things to do is share a good book with others.  I love book clubs, book discussions, book readings, meeting authors, etc.  A few years ago a friend convinced me to start writing reviews of the books I read.  My friend spoke of how it was really a disservice to the author to not write a review, especially when I so enjoy sharing books with others.  Writing reviews has been so much fun and I have been able to share the books I love with even more people.  It seemed like a natural part of my journey with books to start blogging about them.

As my blogging continued, I began to discover the work of independent authors.  I was first stunned by how fabulous the books were and then saddened that so few were reading them because independent authors do not have big publishers behind them marketing and promoting their work. This fanned the flames of desire to support and encourage independent authors, which in turn grew into managing their social media.

My path expanded to include working with an amazing editor and a terrific publishing house, further broadening my skill set.  Now I strive to provide my clients with all the resources they need to accomplish their goals.  I am passionate about promoting independent authors and supporting their work.  I am creative, make connections and get both author and book title name recognition.

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