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Beta Services



I will provide you with a first impression of the story.  Does the story flow, make sense?  Can I relate to/believe in the characters?  Does the plot work? Sub-Plots?  Do I see any significant holes, flaws in the timeline, etc?  


Fee: $150 for a Beta read unless the book is more than 400 pages.  At 400 pages the cost goes to $200.  Contact me via the contact page for more information.  Contact me via the contact page for more information.




The last read-through before publishing is to check grammar, typos, and formatting errors and just make sure the book is in the best form it can be for readers.


Fee: $35 an hour




I am here to support you and your work so any questions you have from “should I pay for reviews”, “is Amazon advertising worthwhile”, “should I boost on Facebook”, “how do I get an ISBN”, “who is a good publisher”, “who makes good videos”, etc.; I can guide you through the process.  I can provide you with answers, links, and connections.


Fee: $35 an hour


Manage Social Media


I will post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for you.  I can post 7 days a week or 5 days a week. I no longer post less than 5 days a week because it does not achieve the goal of getting an author's name, books, or business known. 

There is a $150 start-up fee.  This includes a 30-minute phone call to begin the process.  After that phone calls are invoiced at the rate of $35 per hour.

If you take 2 months or more off-contract you will need to pay another Start-Up fee.

My fees are based on the hourly pay of $35.  All contracts must be for at least $100 which will cover social media posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter five days a week for a month at the most basic time frame. Phone calls, emails, and advice are not included as I work on an hourly basis.

Authors must provide the following:

photos of yourself, your book/s, your writing spot, etc. (I have a list of questions)

list of authors you read

Passwords and usernames for any existing accounts

Paperback and epub copies of the books you marketed

Book Giveaways

I handle the advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, contacting the winner, advertising the winner, packaging and mailing the book, or sending the eBook, along with a request for a review. 


Fee: $30 per title.  If you wish to give out more than one book at a time there is an additional $15 charge per book.




References and examples of my work are available.

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