Premade Book Covers

Premade ebook cover    $30

Select from the premade book cover shop. You are free to customize the text and font color. Additional charges will apply to change more details (ie: models, clothing, colors, etc. Contact me for more info)

Premade ebook cover + Print upgrade       $70

Select from the premade book cover shop. All ebook covers have not yet been created into paperback, so we will work together to create a semi-customized product that you will love!

You are free to customize the text and font color. Additional charges will apply to change more details (ie: models, clothing, colors, etc. Contact me for more info)


Custom Book Covers

Custom ebook cover   $55

We will work together, based on your book and your vision, to create a customized ebook cover you will love and that perfectly encapsulates your book. Here we can customize models, texts, colors- everything to best match your book baby.

Custom ebook cover + Print upgrade     $90

Ditto to the above, plus we’ll add a kick ass paperback copy that you can upload into Create Space or whatever platform you choose to use.


Miscellaneous Graphics 

3D Rendering of your book                $10 

An image of your book cover superimposed on a 3D book. Perfect for displaying on your website and advertising. Several options available. Check out some of the cool designs you can choose from.

Facebook or Twitter banner              $10 or both for $15

Create a custom banner for your social media. Show off one book or a whole series. Or your dog. Whatever you want. Check out some of the work I’ve done already.

Promo/teaser graphics                      $10/each or 4 for $30

Have custom-made promotional graphics ready to post on Instagram (1080 x 1080 px) – and shareable on your other social media. These can include teaser quotes, release countdowns or cover reveals.

Flat Lay Promo graphics                    $20/each

Photoshop your book cover on a photographic flat lay for high-quality and artistic advertising that will make everyone else super jealous at your gorgeous graphics. Check out some I’ve done already– I have tons of options to choose from and we can find the perfect one to match your book!



<15 second teaser videos                Starting investment $70 (depending on number of video clips)

<15 second promotional and advertising videos- Perfect for social media advertising and for sharing. I use Final Cut Pro for all my work.  Check out some videos I’ve made.

Book trailers                                        Starting investment $100 (depending on number of video clips) 

Longer videos (typically 60-120 seconds) that capture the essence of your book in a fun, dynamic way. Perfect way to advertise in a more visual way. Check out some videos I’ve made.


Interior Book Formatting

You wrote the damn book, let someone else deal with all the drama of formatting.

Formatting your book is often the final step in the design process. Many authors make the mistake of spending hours perfecting their cover, while neglecting their interior. Don’t make this fatal error! Formatting is not simply tweaking some columns and margins in Word and getting it right can take hours of frustration. Let us take care of all your formatting needs.


Consider adding custom chapter titles:







Drop cap?


Or no drop cap?

Add a dedication, “More books by this author” or an ode of thanks to your dog – whatever you want to include, we can add! 


Before You Order Book Formatting:

  1. Ensure your manuscript is 100% edited. I can tweak, but if there are additional non-design related errors, there may be additional charges.
  2. You will need to also provide a .JPG of your cover. Make sure it’s ready to go!


Interested in book formatting?

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Website Design

As an author, your website is your number one selling tool. It is your home-base where you have all your critical information (author bio, social media links, book information and marketplace links) and needs to be a reflection of who you are as an author. It also needs to be easy navigable, beautiful and up-to-date. This can be a lot to manage and take valuable time away from your writing- let us help!

Whether you in the need of an author website, or you have one but need help tying it beautifully together- we can help! If you’re in need of just a simple author logo and basic landing page or looking for the full she-bang- we can help!


 Email me to find out more about this service, receive a quote and to get started.