Teasers, Graphics & Swag

3D Rendering of your book                $10 

An image of your book cover superimposed on a 3D book. Perfect for displaying on your website and advertising.

Facebook or Twitter banner              $10 or both for $15

Create a custom banner for your social media. Show off one book or a whole series. Or your dog. Whatever you want.

Promo/teaser graphics                      $10/each or 4 for $30

Have custom-made promotional graphics ready to post on Instagram (1080 x 1080 px) – and shareable on your other social media. These can include teaser quotes, release countdowns or cover reveals.

Swag (bookmarks, postcards, business cards, banners)                     Cost varies/email me for more info

Get professional and branded swag like postcards, business cards, postcards and banners. No idea is too out-there and if you need something custom, I can work with you to create something beautiful and unique!

Flat Lay Promo graphics                    $20/each

Photoshop your book cover on a photographic flat lay for high-quality and artistic advertising that will make everyone else super jealous at your gorgeous graphics. I have tons of options to choose from and we can find the perfect one to match your book!